Q. What is DURISE?

DURISE is an online crowdfunding platform that provides you with access to a range of vetted real estate investment opportunities in one of the fastest growing Middle Eastern markets in the world—Dubai.

Our international investor community, Risers, gives you the chance to connect, learn, and invest together, with the aim of helping you make smarter investment choices.

Q. Why should I invest with DURISE?

We offer the best of two worlds: Middle Eastern investment opportunities that follow the United State’s regulations. DURISE has partnered with US-based broker dealer, WealthForge, to ensure a transparent process.

Once WealthForge has confirmed your accredited investors status, we take care of the transactional details of your investment, including providing tax guidance and simple tracking tools so you can enjoy the financial security of a globalized portfolio from the comfort of your living room.

Q. What is real estate crowdfunding?

Real estate crowdfunding is when a group of individual investors (the crowd) invest money in a real estate property through an online platform such as DURISE, and in return receives a share of rental income and proceeds from sale, in line with the amount they invested, also known as "membership interests".


Q. How secure is the DURISE website?

The security of our investors is our utmost priority. We go to great lengths to ensure that our security is up-to-date. We use Secure Sockets Layer and our website caries the official McAfee Seal as proof that our website has been tested and secured, as per the McAfee standards.

Q. Who can invest with DURISE?

For now, only accredited investors as defined by the Security and Exchange Commission in the United States.

Q. Can DURISE decline my investment?

Yes, DURISE has the right to decline any investor who does not adhere to WealthForge's accredited investor criteria. 

Q. How do investors send their money to DURISE?

Investors must transfer their investment amount to an escrow account at a US-based bank. Investors will receive instructions on how to do so after they've passed the accredited investor check with WealthForge.

Q. What is the minimum investment amount and what are the increments?

$1,000 USD is the entry "ticket" or each investment opportunity—representing your membership interests in a Delaware LLC—and you may add to your initial investment in increments of $100.

Q. What are the risks involved when investing with DURISE?

As with any real estate investment, there are risks involved. DURISE’s responsibility is to make sure that investors consider calculable risks as much as possible. At DURISE, we stress to our investors that they should be able to bear the loss of their entire investment. We can’t guarantee returns, but we can guarantee that all opportunities have been carefully selected and assessed before offering them on our platform.

Q. How do investors benefit from investing with DURISE?

When investing with DURISE you buy membership interests in a real estate opportunity, making an asset-backed investment. It may also provide rental income and, may also appreciate in value over time—but we do not offer any guarantees. Our approach at DURISE is to allow individuals to have greater choice in the investments they make, as well as diversifying their real estate investment portfolio to manage risk and increase returns, without having to take out a mortgage or make a large cash payment.

Q. How does DURISE select an investment?

DURISE’s management team has a solid background in the real estate industry and a robust network, which provides access to exclusive real estate opportunities. Prior to offering the an opportunity to investors, we at DURISE submit opportunities to an extensive due diligence process. Additionally, a third-party independent consultant also assesses every opportunity, and provides our team with an unbiased Investment Memorandum.

Q. What sort of agreement does DURISE have with Sellers?

When we at DURISE identify an investment opportunity, we sign an exclusivity agreement for the property with the Seller. This is to insure that during the course of crowdfunding the Seller will not sell the property to another parties.

Q. How can investors track the performance of the investments?

As an investor on our platform, you will receive updates through your DURISE Account.

Q. If a property is sold for a larger amount than what the crowd purchased, do investors receive the profit based on the margin?

Absolutely, this is were you can make the most money, not just in the annual yield but in what is called the “capital appreciation” (the increase in price from the purchase amount). The same way we distribute the rental income among investors, based on their total shares owned, we equally distribute the capital appreciation upon liquidation of the asset.

Q. What happens if DURISE chooses a property that does not rent?

We are careful to select desirable investment opportunities, and in some cases, developers themselves offer a guaranteed return. The possibility that a unit will not rent is low, but if necessary, we will offer a property slightly below the market average.

Q. Can I exit before the end of the investment period?

No, currently we do not have a system in place to create a secondary market for investments through DURISE. Before investors make an investment, they sign off on the pre-determined exit strategy and have been duly informed by DURISE as to how long their investment will be locked in.

Q. Who decides when to exit from the investment?

During the due diligence phase and based on the valuation report of the independent consultant, Durise determined an exit strategy for each specific opportunity with the main objective of bringing the highest possible returns to the investors.

Q. How does DURISE guarantee that my investment is safe? What happens if DURISE ceases to exist?

There is a low risk that the company will not exist tomorrow, as we are well-funded and have strong backing. That said, each investment is assigned a custodian. A custodian is usually a law firm or a regulated financial entity that holds onto an asset (but cannot control it) until the exit date. Should something happen to DURISE, the custodian would liquidate this asset and give investors their money back. 

Q. What happens if the exit time doesn’t gives the anticipated return?

If the market situation shows a significant depreciation of the asset at the time of exit, we will have a vote among the investors and if the majority of the investors vote to hold the asset, the exit will be prolonged.

Q. What happens if DURISE doesn’t raise a 100% of the investment?

If investors transfer funds for an investment (considered a "deposit") and we do not raise 100% of the amount needed, we will return investors' deposits within a matter of days.

Q. What proof of ownership do investors get?

Investors receive a share certificate for each specific investment.

Q. Who are the co-investors, and from which countries do they hail?

There are certain sanctioned countries we are not allowed to work with, because they have limitations on crowdfunding investments. However, co-investors come from all over the world; a co-investor could include a Russian businessman, or a China. We have to do our due diligence in the form of KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) on our investors, and confirm they haven’t engaged in any illegal activities in the past.

Q. Lets say the building burns down, or water leaks, is the property, and therefore my investment, insured?

Yes, we insure our investments right after they close.

Q. How secure is my investment with DURISE?

Your investment is backed by an actual real estate asset. However, private placements are risky and we expect all investors to perform their own due diligence and understand the risks associated with private placements before investing with us.

Q. What do investors receive in exchange for their money?

If the property is 100% funded, investors receive membership interests in a Delaware LLC based on their investment amount. This stipulates the share of rental income and proceeds from sale of the property after the holding period.

Q. How do I get started as an investor on Durise?

You can get started as an investor on Durise by joining the site. Then browse the current listings and join those that interest you.

You can also browse our currently available investments and begin investing in real estate today. The investment and checkout process is conducted online. You will be prompted to provide or verify any required information, as well as to make any required acknowledgments electronically.

Q. Is there a maximum or minimum amount of investment on DURISE?

DURISE offers investors a chance to be a part of the booming Middle East property market by investing a minimum of $1,000 USD. However there is no maximum limit, which means investors can invest a higher amount, in increments of $1,000 USD.

Q. How do I ask questions regarding a specific investment?

Contact details are provided by DURISE on its website and any questions regarding the investment can be sent to us via “Contact Us” email: support@durise.com or +971 (0) 4321 2104.

Q. Can I cash out of my investments?

Yes. However the investment you make in the property will be locked until the “Term” of the investment is completed. Upon completion of the term, the asset will be liquidated and investors will receive their principle along with any capital gain or loss. You will not be able to cash-out before the completion of the term.

Q. Do you accept US investors?

Yes, but investors must be accredited, and our broker-dealer, WealthForge, will screen investors for their accreditation status. 

Q. Why should I invest through DURISE's crowdfunding platform?

We rigorously screen investment opportunities for investors from all over the world. We accept investments as low as $1,000 USD from accredited investors, providing greater access to real estate investment.

In percentage terms, investors can receive the same return amount than if they had purchased the property at a much higher amount, which not only reduces risk, but also helps investors increase their property investment portfolio.

Q. Are there any fees to register as an investor?

Investors can register for a DURISE account at no cost.

Q. How are average returns on property calculated?

Returns are calculated based on the price of the investment, the current market price, geographical location of the property and expected increase in price, also returns include any rental return that investors might get.

If a property bought today is sold three years later at a higher price, we try and calculate that price and give investors an idea of the amount their investment can bring them at the time of maturity of the investment. If the property is producing stable rental returns, then that amount is added along with price increase to calculate expected returns.

Q. What are the criteria on which properties on DURISE are listed?

We receive a lot of requests from property developers and owners who want to crowdfund their properties. However we only list properties we believe offer good investment returns. A key aspects in this regard is rental income. If a property is already rented out and provides a stable rental return, we look at it very favorably. Secondly, location and the condition of the property are key elements for listing.

Q. I have a property I want to list on DURISE, how can I do it?

You can send details to info@durise.com, and our team will review your proposal. If accepted, we will get back in touch with you to begin the next steps.

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