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First thing’s first: sign up to our site and become part of our growing online community of global, accredited investors, also known as Risers. You can join using a social network account, or by creating a new account right here on our portal in less than a couple minutes. Best of all, it’s no cost to you. Once complete, you can move to step number two.

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Agree to Real Estate Investment Terms

Yes, terms and conditions are a bit boring, but we like to make our users aware of all the potential risks involved in property investment. Once you have read the document and are happy to proceed, click ‘I Agree’. This will allow you to access our property listings, take part in discussions with other Risers, and receive updated news on real estate in the area.  


Become a Savvier Investor

Becoming a better investor has never been so easy. We supply you with free due diligence, forecasts, studies, and different analytics on a wide-range of residential and commercial investment properties so you can make a decision that suits you. If you cannot make your mind up over a property, why not head over to our online forums and ask a fellow investor for advice?

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Make Your Investment

Choose your selected property, sign all the legal documents, and finalize the deal. The only step you have to take away from the site is to transfer your deposit amount to an escrow account at a US-based bank. We will take care of the transactional details of your investment, including providing tax guidance. We can also manage your asset for an annual management fee of of 5%, so you can enjoy the benefits of having a globalized portfolio without any added stress.

In the unlikely event that a project you invested in does not reach its target raise, DURISE will reimburse your deposit in full.

Helping man

This refers to the length of the investment before the expected liquidation. 

Annual Preferred Return

Annual Preferred Return is the income on the investment, shown as a percentage of the invested amount.

Ticket Price

This is the minimum and incremental investment amount, and represents your membership interests in a Delaware LLC.


Return on investment (ROI) the percentage gain on the initial cost of investment. 

Total Price

This is the total cost of this specific real estate investment.


This is the total number of investors that took part in the investment.

The Process

After creating your account, browsing our portal, agreeing on the terms, and getting familiar with real estate investments, you will have direct access to all of our offers. In less than five minutes, you can browse, select, finalize, and become a real estate owner. The only step you have to take outside the website, is to transfer your investment amount to our secure client account. Otherwise, all legal documents, and proof of ownership, will be supplied immediately for you to sign and agree on.

Once the investment is fully funded, Durise will complete the real estate transaction. In the unlikely event that the total funds are not raised by the crowd, Durise will reimburse the investors their capital in full. There will be no costs or fees whatsoever. Otherwise, we will proceed with the investment as planned, and update you with the progress. From then on, Durise will manage the investment on your behalf for a small management fee.

Durise Process

Common Process

Durise process Common process

Risk Factors

Pretty Sure


Slight Risk

Moderate Risk

Very Risky

Category A

Usually long term and/or low returns to moderate returns

This category will only include the safest type of investment properties. These properties are known to have a stable, low-moderate return, but do not fluctuate in value. Usually, these investments are equity only, and do not carry a risk of losing the asset due to market decline.

Category B

Usually moderate to long term and/or low to moderate returns

This category adds a slight variable of risk, but is still considered a safe investment. This will most likely result in a slight increase in expected returns , accompanied by a slightly risky factor, for instance, a new development or an up and coming location, or demographic irregularities.

Category C

Usually moderate term and/or moderate returns

In this middle category, investments decrease in term, and have a slight factor of uncertainty. This uncertainty could be due to a more unpredictable market, new developments, fluctuating prices, a combination of debt and equity, or a combination of two or more of these.

Category D

Usually short to moderate term and/or moderate to high returns

These investments carry more risk than the first three categories for several reasons. In this segment, one should expect fix and flip strategies, which are very volatile and often depend solely on the execution, timeframe, and market response.

Category E

Usually short term and/or high returns

These investments come with the biggest risks, and should be left for more experienced and knowledgeable real estate investors. This category is not ideal for investors aiming to preserve wealth. The strategies used here should account for a smaller part of one's portfolio.

Educational Videos

Durise Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people, typically via the internet. Watch the video and understand it better.

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people, typically via the internet. Watch the video and understand it better.

Why Crowdfunding | Durise Real-Estate Crowdfunding

There are plenty of methods to invest in real estate, each come with their own set of pros and cons. Previously, one had to start very small, mortgaging one property, and from there on, slowly expanding their portfolio.

Durise | Real Estate Investments

We have categorized our investments into 5 main categories, judging them based on our perceived riskiness of the investment. Watch the video and understand it better.

How to move forward | Durise Real-Estate Crowdfunding

It’s simple, start by creating a profile, and join our growing community. Either choose from one of the social media options made available to you, or create an account from scratch here on our website.

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