We at DURISE are a real estate team you can trust, with a vast set of skills, experience, and a large network in Dubai and the Middle East. The idea behind DURISE started as a sketch on a napkin over dinner, and had one goal: to simplify investment in the real estate industry, specifically in Dubai. As with every great idea, this one was born out of necessity. Real estate is undoubtedly one of the most consistent and valuable investments individuals can make. Unfortunately, due to the sheer costs involved, the majority of the world’s population cannot afford to own more than one property in their lifetime. Therefore, we decided to create an easy-to-use online platform that connects accredited investors from all backgrounds, and provides them with the opportunity to invest in a wide-range of vetted properties together.

The idea of crowdfunding real estate is not new, and we don’t claim to be its pioneers. We’ve taken an expanding concept and applied it to an ever-growing, successful market. Now, through our platform, individuals—from veteran investors to new ones—can invest in real estate for a fraction of the cost and collectively buy a property. In doing so, investors earn income on properties that are normally only available to more cash-rich investors.

By giving our investors (“Risers”) access to detailed listings and property investment guides, and by partnering with a US-based broker-dealer, we are providing a secure and seamless service that takes care of all the complicated paperwork and transactional-related stress. In doing so, we believe that Durise is opening up the opportunity of property investment like never before. Join us.

Meet the team

Waleed Esbaitah
Waleed Esbaitah


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Faizan Khan
Faizan Khan

Senior Associate

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Waleed has always had a passion for entrepreneurship, venture capital investments, and the tech industry. He grew up in a family of real estate professionals in Kuwait City, and after learning about crowdfunding, decided to combine the concepts to create Durise, a real estate platform that offers investment opportunities in Dubai, including brokerage and property management services.

As founder of Durise, Waleed’s focuses on regional and international strategic partnerships, underwrites deals to expand investment offerings, has a hand in marketing and public relations initiatives, and sets the long-term strategy and goals for the company.

Waleed has lived, studied, and work in several countries. After attending Institute Le Rosey in Switzerland for three years, he completed a Bachelor's Degree in Business and Administration with a focus in Finance from the George Washington University in Washington DC.

Hometown: Kuwait city, Kuwait

Faizan oversees the company’s principal investment offerings, as well as core administrative and operational activities—with an eye on driving operational efficiencies and enhancing financial performance.

Prior to joining Durise in 2014, Faizan was a portfolio manager for a US-based private equity fund, working on projects in operations, digital marketing, finance, performance improvement, process effectiveness, performance management, and brand management. Some of the portfolio companies were successfully acquired or listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Faizan has also worked in the Product Development & Strategy group of a location-based mobile social network, which was covered in Mashable’s “Spark of Genius Series”.

Faizan received his undergraduate honors degree in Finance and Management from Queen Mary, University Of London in Economics.

Hometown: Karachi, Pakistan

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